Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pea Poll

I've never grown pole peas before, so I decided to experiment with some Golden Sweets this year.  Aren't they pretty?  Elegant violet blossoms produce flat, pale yellow pods.  And they are tasty, too.  But are they worth the bother?  Here are some of the pros and cons:
They have not really clung to the tent poles I had handy.  They grew so quickly that, as soon as I had tied them, they were flopping over again.  Now their tendrils can reach each other, so they are almost self-supporting.  Almost.
Training the vines upward has left plenty of room for lettuce underneath.
They are tall enough for the fruits to be out of reach of the slugs that are plaguing my bush peas.
They are also nearly out of my reach.  I guess I'll have to send out the taller troops.  Maybe next year I should plant them in a trench instead of a raised bed. 
Which leaves me undecided as to pole v. bush in general.  What do you think?

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  1. ~T~, I am so honored that you have become a follower of my blog! I don't do a post everyday...and sometimes when school starts I am lucky to do one or two a month!
    I am not a gardener, but an English teacher, and I love the lines from W.B. Yeats' "Lake Isle of Inisfree"....

    And nine bean rows shall I have there
    And a hive for the honey bee
    And live alone in the bee loud glade

    I imagine poles when I think of the rows...
    Peace be with you.