Friday, June 24, 2011

Fun, Fun, Fun

I recently received an email message from Coupon Caboodle entitled "Fun without Funds."  I'm always interested in opportunities for free entertainment.  Such events are even more valuable in the summer, when I need some excuse to get the boys out of their caves.  So I opened the message eagerly.  Here is what I found:
  • Walking, Hiking, and Running  I do enjoy these.  The boys don't find my jogging particularly entertaining, so they zoom ahead on their scooters in more or less formal races.
  • Cooking and Baking  I make the boys do more of this in the summer, too. 
  • Writing  Here I am, though the competition for the computer is pretty keen.
  • Reading Library Books  We check out an average of 20 every three weeks, often with a few more in between.
  • Playing an Instrument  The writer of the message admitted that musical instruments are not generally free.  And if you call it practicing, the entertainment value drops significantly.  However, we do sort of collect instruments around here, and everyone likes to try them.  This is the latest:

A handmade marimba.  It arrived from Guatemala yesterday, in a package with 103 stamps on it.  Dandelionslayer, our resident percussion expert, has longed for a marimba for years.  It cost more than tickets for most concerts that we attend, but the music will last longer, too.

So, we already do everything on the list.  We must be having fun!

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  1. That marimba would be a HIT at my house! It looks like fun!