Monday, June 13, 2011

Stash to Treasure: Basement Baby Blanket

The previous owners of our house left a few things behind.  Some we really appreciate, like the dining room table that we use every day, and the stove on the back porch that I use for canning.  Some were not so desirable, like the black-and-gold bed frame that we got rid of immediately.  One surprising find was a stack of fabric left in the crawl space under the house. 

Pink fabric, of course, and flowery.  Not what we needed for our decor.  But they were large pieces, and I wanted to do something with them, someday, for someone else. 

Someday finally arrived.  I added some blue fabric and batting, and turned the pink legacy into a warm baby blanket.  Our stake Relief Society is collecting quilts and other items for LDS Humanitarian Services this year.  One blanket is a drop in the bucket of worldwide need, but it is a drop I'm happy to add.

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