Monday, June 6, 2011

Stash to Treasure: Pink

Last summer I sewed several small square tablecloths for a wedding reception.  This project left me with some significant scraps of pale pink crepe.  In our male-dominated household, there's not a great deal of demand for pink items, so the stack has been sitting in my sewing nook since then.  But I have finally found some purpose for pinkness.

First, I sewed a dress for a friend's baby that is on the way.  Baby dresses are so fun.  I bought the Sunrise Designs pattern, which seems to be off the market now, when I still hoped I might need it for my own family.  But I've had a great time using it for others.  Most of the pieces of this dress came from the smallest scraps, and did not make a significant dent in the pink stack, so I tried something for me.

Okay, so the skirt, from Simplicity 2416, is not that exciting.  When I first put it on, it looked more like an apron than a graceful faux wrap skirt.  But it used a few of the larger pieces of the stack.  And I'm quite pleased with the blouse I made to go with it:

I used Simplicity 2936 and an embroidered linen blend, and it is perfect.

Now, as it turns out, my boys have not always been averse to pinkness.  I think all four of them have claimed pink as a favorite color at some time.  So I asked each if he would like a pink bow tie.  The Caterpillar said that he probably would not wear one, which was fine.  The others clearly said "Yes," so I planned to make three.  I started with one bow tie, which turned out nicely, and offered it to the younger boys.  Each denied any desire or interest in a pink bow tie.  I was a bit miffed, but put it away for the future.

Lo and behold, Scoot asked to wear the pink bow tie yesterday.

Aren't we a lovely couple?  Note: Scoot was standing on a step.  He is not that tall.  Yet.

I still have plenty of pink.  Any requests?


  1. You are so talented! I love both the skirt and the blouse. (I would totally buy them if I saw them in a store!) Nice job!!!

  2. Wow - those turned out beautifully!!