Saturday, January 23, 2010


Pinewood Derby cars took to the boards yesterday, and we all played our parts.

Here is Scoot, the racer.

His car, the Pion.

The Caterpillar on security detail.

Rollo and D2, loyal fans.

And the Pion takes first in lane A!  Scoot's car won its first two heats, then was narrowly edged out of the final.  Dandelionslayer worked hard in the pit, especially when a misfire sent Scoot's car down alone, and the pi holding the weight broke off.  Track management thoughtfully provided a glue gun for such eventualities, and the Pion was back on the road just in time.  I was assigned to refreshment rationing after the closing ceremony.  We managed our exit without undue drama, an impressive feat for our family at a pack meeting!


  1. Do you have a non-action picture of the car? I wanna see!

  2. Consider the driver. Do you think that car ever sat still? I'll see what I can do.