Friday, January 15, 2010

"Head, shoulders, knees, and fish..."

... sang D2 on our way home today.  I don't think he's come up with any new movements to fit the song, but it sounds fun, doesn't it?  Or at least wet.

This wet morning we went to a baby shower.  Soon after the baby's arrival was announced, I decided to make him a receiving blanket, following this tutorial.  I found a cute monkey print for it, and just the right amount of brown flannel on the end of a bolt.  Then Dandelionslayer decreed that this baby needed a gift that would point him in the right direction for the future:  a Star Wars toy.  We went out shopping, but couldn't find anything suitable.  So I adapted a favorite pattern, and crocheted this little meditating Yoda.

May the Force be with you, little one.