Friday, October 23, 2015

Space Pirate Queen

 Arr!  Lately we've been enjoying reading the Jupiter Pirates series, by Jason Fry.  It's about the Hashoone family, who ply their letter of marque in the shipping lanes of the outer solar system.  They are led by Diocletia, a no-nonsense captain and stern but loving mom.  While the whole family prefers the comfortable coveralls they wear in flight, a good captain needs something a little spiffier when doing her business in port.

I started with the Éléonore Pull-On Jeans by Jalie, in a space-age stretch denim.  They offer a great combination of style and comfort.

At one point in the story, Tycho, the main character, is frustrated.  He's afraid his usual duties at the navigation/communication station are not adequately preparing him to be a captain himself someday.  His mother has some good advice for him:
 "Tycho, listen to me," she said with a smile.  "Talking to people and knowing where to go are the most important jobs a captain has."   (Hunt for the Hydra, 198)
Those are big jobs for other mothers, too.  So I put my two favorite navigational constellations on the back pockets.  Ursa Major, 
 and Cassiopeia in shiny silver thread.

They're perfect for Captain Moms who like to keep their personal navigation/communication devices at their backs.  It's not my style, but maybe it would suit Diocletia.

Like any self-respecting pirate, I made some modifications for extra cargo space.
That is, I added real front pockets where the pattern featured faux ones.  Because pocket handkerchiefs are totally my style.  In the upper corner there, you get a glimpse of the sneaky knit waistband that increases the comfort of these jeans.  And it won't take away from the captain's style, since it hides under her classy tunic.
I used Simplicity 1162 for a classic blouse, and added this gorgeous lace, to indicate rank.  

Now I'm ready.  Belay that whining, and buckle into the starship.  Time for liftoff!


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